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About Literature / Professional Kyle V. AtwoodMale/United States Group :icontorrential-insanity: Torrential-Insanity
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Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me: Synopsis
Simon Grey's young life has always been a
struggle, a downward spiral laced with
depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Now it seems even
reality has turned against him.
Simon awakes in an abandoned
hospital and soon finds that his entire city
has lost all power and has fallen almost
completely silent, all the streets empty
except for impossibly deformed and
horrifying creatures.
The questions impale Simon's head like
spears from the void,
Where did all of these things come from?
How did an entire city just go away in a few
Is this even real?
Follow Simon's slowly decaying mind as he searches through the darkness for answers, he's sure, doesn't exist.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 0 0
Mature content
Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me: Chapter 8 :iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 1 0
My body burns eternal now
And my hands are knotted snakes
Bound to a pike like a sow
As I cover the earth in powdery flakes.
All of them are afraid of some impossible fear;
So they burn what they don't understand
Or condemn those who do not adhere
To their ideal situation at hand.
They all jeer and shout
As my tears evaporate into the sky.
In this moment of smoldering clarity, I rest my doubt.
Humanity is a lie.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 2 0
The Weed
The blood quenches the weed
And dries up
The flowers.
The weed grows bigger
And the garden dies
As the roots slither deep within.
The weed moves on
In search of more blood to satisfy
Its always thirsty pride.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 2 0
Quiet, Watch, Listen
Listen, quiet, watch--
The hollow eyes always search.
Listen, quiet, watch--
The craving eyes always hunt--
The starving eyes always starve.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 3 0
The scars will be a language,
Translated into something
“Emo”, “Freak”, “attention”, “bipolar”.
They're our stories,
They're our poetry.
If you wish to know us,
Just look behind the scars
And you'll see,
Damn it, that we are strong
And the scars are just battle wounds
From the seemingly endless war:
Flesh is just a piece of clothing
We all outgrow
Like an old shirt.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 6 4
The Death Of A Dream
The death of a dream,
A tragedy of the human soul
And a statistic of  human nature.
Impelled to live
By disembodied beliefs
And I live, now willingly,
In the bitter credence
That leaves me at the lowest point
In the flow of life.
I remain now rendered--
Wrought in lost time,
Shattered potential,
Pointless fear,
Foolish morality,
Unfavorable dealings,
and avoided chances:
All of these things are my epitome.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 6 2
A Place In The Dirt
You're a flower that's withering
And I rip myself with your thorns
Trying to save you from falling apart--
You're buried deep
But blood isn't water.
                                                                                    I'll love you
                                                                                    If you let me.
If I close my eyes you'll disappear
And I'm afraid I'll miss you
But I know when I open my eyes,
And I see you,
I'll blow your heart to pieces.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 3 3
I am here for you in Hell
To break your fall.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 2 0
Psalm Of Love
Recognize the still serene
Of the turning cosmos
As the light of love
In your heart.
Let our love
Weave a world together
And arise
From the boundless ground.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 8 8
I Promise
I'm sorry I wasn't there,
I'm sorry I could not save you.
But look up at me now, love,
Look up at me with those astonishing, crystal eyes
And know that I will love you
Until this heart of mine has given out.
I am your present
And your future;
I will love you for more than your body,
I will love your wild personality,
I will love your motherly instincts,
I will love your acceptance,
I will love your understanding,
I will love your "frustrations",
I will love your timidness,
I will love your stubbornness,
I will love your laughter,
I will love your tears,
I will love your scars,
I will love your flaws,
But most of all;
I will love you.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 11 4
Letting Me Go
He takes off her dress,
Speaking gently in her ear
All the words she wants to hear
               She falls for him,
                    Let's him in,
                     Let's me go.
He glides his hand from her soft cheek,
Over her trembling neck, tracing her collarbone with a finger
Pauses with a hand over her breast and kisses her warm lips,
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 7 1
Larry by EchoInTheVoid Larry :iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 4 0 Manny by EchoInTheVoid Manny :iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 3 0 Trisha by EchoInTheVoid Trisha :iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 1 0
Everyone knows
It's all my fault
So young, so brazen, so naïve.
Overwhelmed, I chose to run,
To a place no one could see.
What I've become
It's what I've always been.
Forgive my imperfection,
Forgive my insecurity.
I'm all alone inside my mind
With nothing but the anger and the hate.
For the light that never comes
For a sign from above.
I don't want to feel all this anymore,
It's easier to let it fall.
I've been down this road
Too many times before.
:iconechointhevoid:EchoInTheVoid 8 5




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Kyle V. Atwood
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Kyle Atwood once belonged to two loving parents on the planet Xenoid. One day, a cataclysmic event unfolded beneath the planet's crust and, essentially, swallowed the entire civilization whole... all except one.
Kyle crash landed here on earth, hunting and gathering until he obtained the ability of the English language and began to write from there forward. To this day, Kyle is still the only known survivor of such a galactic tragedy.

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What's up everybody? If you all are still here...

I haven't been uploading to DeviantArt because I'm too focused on my novels lately. I wish I was more active on here but I just do not have the time, it seems, anymore. I will continue to post poetry on here, however.

If you have enjoyed my work on here, I recommend purchasing my novels "Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me" and "A Stray Child" on Amazon.

I have to say thank you to all of those who supported me on my DeviantArt adventures and to let you all know that this is not at all the end of my work, I just am making money now and have become a greedy bastard and would prefer to be paid for my efforts in most cases. Bills to pay and all. Not only that, but DeviantArt has become almost strictly a visual website and I just cannot hope to have 7,500+ word short stories be picked out from them

If you want more updates, head over to Facebook and give my page a like. I'm updating it daily with all sorts of strange and interesting things.


Thank you guys again for the awesome opportunities to grow with my writing, as well as give me the confidence to take it somewhere that I never hoped to accomplish before.
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